Below you will find a list of questions which we are frequently asked. If there is any further information you require, please do not hesitate to contact the office on +44 (0) 208 878 0880 or

1) Do I need a Sailing License to charter a yacht?

To charter a yacht you should be experienced at handling a yacht. Across the Mediterranean, the port authorities insist on seeing written proof; for example the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or RYA Day Skipper. In Croatia, a valid VHF license is also required. Other areas (such as the Caribbean, Seychelles or Thailand) simply require a completed sailing resume. The local yacht owners reserve the right to place a skipper on board (at the expense of the client), if they feel the charterer is not qualified to handle the boat.

2) Can I hire a skipper?

If you do not have any sailing experience but like the idea of going on a charter, then you can hire a skipper for the duration of your holiday. Prices vary between countries but you can expect to pay between 120.00 Euros – 150.00 Euros per day in the Mediterranean. The skipper will require his own cabin and food.

All skippers are hired locally so they have excellent local knowledge and they are all English speaking.

3) Can you help with flights?

We do not arrange any flight bookings, but we will of course, offer any help where we can. We could recommend to you the following websites :,,,

4) What happens if I need to cancel?

While it is rare that people have to cancel their charters, this can sometimes happen. We strongly recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance to protect you in the event that you are forced to cancel for whatever reason. Our cancellation policy can be seen in our Terms & Conditions.

5) Can you organise airport transfers?

Airport transfers are not generally included in your charter price unless stated otherwise. It is very easy and generally better value to just pick up a cab on arrival at the airport.

However, if you would like to arrange a transfer to meet you on arrival at the airport, in particular recommended for larger groups (16 to 50 Pax), then we are more than happy to arrange this for you. Please note that all transfers are organised locally through sub-contractors and their prices are fixed.

6) What time can I get on and off my yacht?

In the Mediterranean, embarkation is from 17:00 hrs on the first day and disembarkation is at 09:00hrs on the final day.

This gives the base time between charters for cleaning and maintenance. It is sometimes possible to board earlier if the yacht is ready but this is not something that can be
guaranteed in advance.

In the Caribbean, charters usually run from 12:00 noon – 12:00 noon. Some fleet operators use Mediterranean check in/out times. Please consult your contract for exact timings.

7) Can I leave my luggage at the base?

If you are arriving early or departing late from your contracted charter times, it is usually possible to leave luggage at the base so that you can sightsee or enjoy the beach without extra baggage.

8) When can I expect to receive my boarding information?

Before you head off on your charter, we will provide you with comprehensive information of the base.

This will show you where the marina is located, where your boat is moored, the name of your yacht and all the local contact numbers of the base manager, who will be on hand to help you throughout your charter. You can expect to receive this around 2 weeks before your departure date.

9) What is included?

All boats come equipped with the following: Standard charter equipment, Standard navigation equipment, Safety equipment, Dinghy.

Depending on the country you are visiting, bedding, towels, and outboard are sometimes extras. Please check your charter contract to see your specific list of extras you are required to pay.

10) What should I take with me?

As yachts offer limited storage, we advise travelling as light as possible. Most charters happen under sunny skies and with warm seas so it is not necessary to take heavy clothing with you. We recommend that in addition to the shorts and t-shirts, you take some long sleeve tops to protect your skin on the first few days and in case it gets a little chilly in the evening. Sun block, sun glasses and a hat are a good idea. Deck shoes, plimsolls or white trainers are the recommended footwear as these will not leave marks on the deck. Swimming towels are never included in the charter price so you will need to take your own. It is better to take soft foldaway luggage if possible rather than hard suitcases.

11) Can I pre-order provisions?

All bases have a shop in the marina or close by where you can do your provisioning. However, should you wish to pre-order some provisioning then please ask for a provisioning list. This needs to be submitted no later than 2 weeks before your departure date. The provisions will then be purchased and stowed on your yacht before you arrive, payment is made locally. Please note that the base usually adds a surcharge of between 10 and 25% to your shopping bill for this service.

12) Do I have to pay for fuel and how much will it cost?

Just like a hire car, you pay for the fuel that you use. The boat is given to you with a full tank of fuel and you must return it as such. The cost will depend on the size of the boat, how much motoring you do and the sea state you encounter. This is a variable extra that must be paid and it is therefore impossible to predict how much you will spend.

13) What should I expect to pay for mooring?

Mooring costs vary from country to country. In Turkey and Greece the mooring fees are minimal to none. Croatia, Italy and France, in particular in high season, is where you tend to experience the most mooring fees. In marinas you can expect to pay around 2.00 Euros per foot, per night. However, this varies between countries and the time of year. There are generally no charges for dropping anchor and coming ashore, although you may be charged if you anchor within a harbour. In the Caribbean you can pick up a mooring buoy and these are usually around $25.00 per night. There are usually no charges for anchoring.

14) What happens if something goes wrong with the boat while we are on charter?

All the yachts chartered are within professional yacht management companies and all bases have a back up team on hand to help with any issues you may encounter. Should anything go wrong, then the back up team will arrange a place to meet you to come and fix the problem. There is also a 24 hour contact number for emergencies.

15) Is Cosmos Yachting Atol bonded?

Cosmos Yachting is a long standing member of the British Marine Federation (Member ID: 772) as well as the Marine Leisure Association in the UK. Atol and ABTA are for package holiday operators only. If you should be worried about the security of your charter payments, then we recommend that you pay by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX, which all offer you full protection.