Anyone who wants to have memories of “the most beautiful time of the year” shaped by a yachting holiday and to carry them in their hearts must be able to trust. But trust takes time. The time that Cosmos Yachting took to bring relationships with its business partners and guests to a level of mutual respect.

Our customers have been our personal guests since 1987.

Every holiday wish is unique and so our yacht holiday offers are also fully adapted to your needs.

Our goal is to meet your needs for wellbeing, relaxation and escape from everyday life.

Reliability, quality, competence and courtesy are our motto.

In order to achieve our goals, however, we need the right partners. That’s why we only bring the best on board. Our partners are simply the best. Their quality is convincing and although the trust is there after decades, we still put them to the test again and again.

Even if problems arise, we are at your side immediately with advice and action and find solutions.

In order to design our own business processes according to your wishes, we also need your cooperation, your help to make this a reality. Your opinion counts!

Whether you want to book a yacht as a bareboat, with a skipper or with a professional crew, cabin charter or even want to buy a yacht – Cosmos Yachting is your contact.