Yacht charter in the Bahamas

Wind and Weather: The area has a mild, subtropical climate. In summer average temperatures are around 28°C and in winter, by the Gulf Stream, they rarely drop below 20°C. In summer, humidity can be high.

At night temperatures are more comfortable. Water temperatures are usually between 24° and 29°C. The winds in the Bahamas are subject to the movements of the Bermuda highs.

During the winter months, from December to February, there’s a north easterly prevailing wind that blows between 15 to 20 knots. In June, easterly winds are just 10 to 15 knots. In September and October the trade winds are at their weakest and the weather is less consistent.

Best sailing time: all year round.

Difficulty: Medium to high. Although the waters are protected, the ground isn’t easy and therefore we don’t recommend to beginners.

Navigation: Expect some fierce tidal currents, shallow water passages and changeable sandbars. If you stay in the Abacos and Exumas the area is also suitable for families.

Most distances can be bridged between 1-2 hours. The trade winds blow from 5 to 20 knots. In these shallow waters, it’s very important to take the tide into consideration when entering and exiting ports. For the route from Great Abaco Island to the Exuma Cays, you need to schedule two to three daily stops.

Ports and anchorages: The picturesque Man-O’-War Cay has a strong colonial era feel. After a snorkeling trip in Fowl Cay Marine Park, you can anchor in the turquoise waters of Baker’s Bay at the northern end of Great Guana Cay. Green Turtle Cay, New Plymouth and Treasure Cay (make sure you sample the sumptuous local seafood) are some of the many highlights of the region. Hopetown and Sandy Cay are good for snorkeling, while Elbow Cay and White Sound are two of the most attractive anchorages in the Abacos. Be aware, however, that fresh water is scarce.

Getting there: Currently, there is no direct link from Europe to the Abacos.  We recommend flying with British Airways to Miami.  From there it’s a 35 minute flight to Great Abaco Island. If you want to continue flying within the islands, go with Bahamas Air.

NB: Direct flights and short stays are not possible.