New Zealand: melting pot of cultures

New Zealand is about a four-hour flight east of Australia and, with its two main islands, North Island and South Island, is comparable in size to Great Britain and Japan. With around 4.4 million inhabitants, it is therefore quite deserted. Fascinating landscapes, which vary between lush forests, lakes, snow-covered mountains and countless bays, as well as a special flora and fauna caused by the isolation of New Zealand, offer the visitor a spectacular natural backdrop for the many activities on land, on water and in the air, which meets everyone’s needs for sport and fun.
Today New Zealand is a cultural melting pot of the Maori who immigrated about 1000 years ago, other Pacific immigrants and the Europeans and Asians who arrived centuries later. The informal nickname of all New Zealanders is “Kiwi”, after the heraldic animal of the country. The explorer James Cook came to New Zealand three times and was murdered there in 1779.

For lovers of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” have been New Zealand’s mystical Middle-earth since the turn of the millennium. The films were filmed at 250 locations in New Zealand.

The most beautiful yacht charter areas of New Zealand can be discovered during a sailing trip from Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf to the Bay of Islands. You should take about three weeks for this. If you have three more weeks to spare, you should plan a shore excursion to the South Island and back to fully experience the often breathtaking beauty of New Zealand before flying home.

Hauraki Golf

Territory properties

Windy westerly weather conditions prevail in the Hauraki Gulf. Although the weather can change at short notice, a reliable weather report gives you plenty of time to go to one of the many sheltered anchorages. The best sailing period is often in the very hot summer, i.e. in January and February. In the pre-season in November and December, as well as in the post-season in March and April, it is less busy, but storms can occur. The weather forecast for the Hauraki Gulf is broadcast on VHF Channel 21 around the clock.

The yacht charter area of ​​the Hauraki Gulf is easy to moderately difficult, although the weather conditions, which change at short notice, can make good sailing knowledge necessary.
Due to the consistently good visibility, it is possible to sail almost exclusively terrestrially with the help of GPS and plotter. The tidal range is about two to three meters. The current flows at about one to two knots, in estuaries it can be more. The use of tide tables is recommended. The Yacht Charter area is well lit, but not every underwater rock is buoyed. Therefore night drives are not allowed.
In this yacht charter area there are few harbors and only two marinas, in Gulf Harbor and in Pine Harbor, but countless bays are waiting for your visit. Anchoring should be mastered.