Portugal: Mediterranean climate on the Atlantic

A historic yacht charter area awaits you in Portugal. It was from here that the explorers set out to sea on board the caravels that were newly developed at the time. With the financial support of Heinrich the Navigator, they turned this small country on the south-western edge of Europe into a colonial power. Madeira was discovered in 1419, eight years later the Azores were rediscovered and settled, and in 1433 sovereignty over the Canary Islands was achieved through diplomatic channels. The knowledge in navigation, cartography and shipbuilding, which were gained during the many journeys along the African west coast, were the cornerstone for the later circumnavigation of Africa and the development of the sea route to India. Henry the Navigator had set himself the goal for Portugal to achieve supremacy for the Arabs in the trade in slaves, gold, pepper and ivory and to curb the spread of Islam.

Today Portugal offers professional and recreational sailors a variety of sailing conditions with light winds to stormy gusts. International sailing regattas are held in some regions. The Portuguese west coast with its cliffs, dunes and beaches is a paradise for all water sports. Divers will also feel at home in the colorful and fish-rich underwater world of Portugal. Sines, the birthplace of Vasco da Gamas, with its modern marina, and Cascais, where there is also a large marina, are located here.

The Algarve is a popular yacht charter area that offers visitors imposing cliffs, deserted islands, small fishing villages and beautiful sandy beaches. The interior of the country with its picturesque mountain villages, towns and old traditions that go back to the Arabic era of Portugal, if not longer, is worth exploring. Modern luxuries such as spas, golf courses and exquisite restaurants are also abundant.

Lisbon is a melting pot of many cultures that came together here, especially during the colonial era. Magnificent buildings from this era suggest that Portugal was once a world power. The medieval city center but also Belem with its world heritage monuments or the Parque das Nações make Lisbon a destination worth seeing for a shore excursion.

Tropical climate with hot winters and hot humid summers. From October to April, with dry, sunny temperatures around 30 ° C, the northeast monsoon blows which is ideal for sailing with a strength of 2 to 5 Beaufort. From April to October the southwest monsoon blows with 2 to 6 Beaufort. It brings with it a lot of rain, especially in August, September and October, which often lasts for days and sometimes falls on strong winds and gusts of wind up to 50 knots, which can last up to 2 hours. The best sailing period is from October to April.

Often there are hard-to-see reefs near the anchorages, otherwise it’s an easy to moderate yacht charter area.
In good conditions, terrestrial navigation is completely sufficient, although GPS-supported, clean dead reckoning is required if visibility is limited. Anchorages should be avoided during thunderstorms, as the existing reefs are difficult to see due to the unclear water. The yacht charter area is hardly buoyed and only moderately lit. You should have anchored by 5 p.m. at the latest and do not rely on the GPS to approach it, as its positions often differ from those on the map. Tidal range approx. 3 meters with a current of 2 knots and high tide to the north, ebb current to the south, whereby the current between the islands can be stronger and its direction can adapt to the course of the coast.
There are three marinas in the Langkawi yacht charter area: the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, the Rebak Marina and Telaga Harbor. During the southwest monsoon, the anchorages on the west coast are unprotected and unsafe. Ko Kradan, Ko Talibong, Ko Petra, Butang Group with Ko Butang and Ko Lipi and on Ko Taru Tao with Ao Pante, Ao Son, Ban Ao Makham and Hole in the Wall on Lankawi are some of the many beautiful anchorages in the region. There are few restaurants in the southern part of Langkawi, so provisions should be made for provisions on board. In most of the other bays there are enough restaurants with delicious and inexpensive choices of fish and seafood dishes. For trips in the Thai island world, provisions should be on board for the entire duration, as it is a nature park with few catering options. During the southwest monsoon, most of the meals are provided on board.
One-time costs for clearing out / clearing in, in Thailand from the SUNSAIL-Langkawi base: 180 RM per person for 1 to 5 days stays plus 300 RM per yacht. These costs include all formalities related to immigration, customs clearance and the port authority. The cruising tax in the South Thai National Park is 400 BHT per person per night. Note: The possession of drugs and weapons is strictly prohibited.