Chartering a yacht in the Seychelles

The 115 islands of the Republic of Seychelles were only discovered in about 800AD by Arab traders. This wonderful sailing area is about 1000 kilometers off the east coast of Africa and was repeatedly navigated by Chinese, European and Phoenician explorers. It was only in the 18th century that the islands were colonized by the French, whose influence is still very much felt today, especially in the cuisine.

Official languages: Creole, French and English.

The islands of the Seychelles are divided into two groups: The Inner Islands include a sea area of approximately 30,000 km² that’s referred to as the ‘Seychelles Bank’. It consists of 42 granite islands, the most famous being Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

Sailing in the Indian Ocean:

Outside the Seychelles Bank, you’ll find the Outer Islands. This archipelago consists of 73 coral islands and covers a sea area of approximately 400,000 km².

Embark on a sailing expedition around the Seychelles and you can expect friendly people, a diverse culture, breathtaking beaches, crystal clear waters and very agreeable sailing conditions. We offer bareboat sailing yachts, bareboat catamarans and crewed yachts to explore what is one of the most beautiful and exotic yacht charter areas in the world.

The archipelago consists of 32 islands. Small bays with stunning white beaches, coconut trees and the typical granite formations form a stunning backdrop. Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue and Anse Lazio on Praslin are the most famous beaches in the Seychelles, they’re also among the most photographed. They adorn numerous postcards and also serve as the setting for many commercials.

Pleasant wind conditions, short sailing distances and year-round warm temperatures provide optimal conditions for a relaxed sailing holiday. Most of the anchorages in the coves throughout the Inner Islands offer good protection.

In addition to the great sailing conditions in the Seychelles, the immediate coastal areas with their warm water and coral reefs offer a fascinating underwater world.

On land you can discover the Seychelles’ Black Parrot, spot the famous giant tortoises or try and track down the infamous Coco de Mer. Then of course there’s the vast array of fresh, tropical fruits to savour like papayas, pineapples and mangoes. The fragrant scent of vanilla and cinnamon that permeates the air only seals the impression that you really have stumbled upon paradise.

In addition to the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, you’ll find great restaurants and boutiques as well as numerous shops to make a shore excursion well worthwhile.

Area characteristics :

December to January are the wettest months; July to September the driest. Temperatures range between 24 and 30 degrees. Best sailing conditions are when the south east trade winds blow (May to September). Divers prefer the quieter north-west monsoon, after which the water becomes agitated and visibility is affected. The Seychelles are far away from the routes of tropical cyclones, making them an ideal year round destination.

Easy, thanks to the short distances, numerous bays and light winter winds. There are no ports except in Victoria and La Digue, but plenty of beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature and lots to do ashore.

On the islands there is no cheap mass tourism.

You can fly to Mahe from various European airports. Or you can also fly to the Seychelles with Emirates Airlines via Dubai or with Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi.