Balearic Islands: World Heritage and High Life

The Balearic Islands are around 90 to 200km off the Spanish coast in the western Mediterranean. This archipelago, which forms one of the autonomous communities of Spain, includes Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera as well as many small, uninhabited islands.

Everyone will find their preferred way of spending their island vacation in the Balearic Islands. In Mallorca, nightlife is pure hot around Playa de Palma, but there are also beautiful, quiet corners, especially in the interior of the island, which is traversed by two mountain chains. Menorca is perfect for a family vacation. Ibiza has become a symbol of summer, sun and wild parties, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape.

The two smaller main islands of the Balearic Islands also have their scenic charm. Formentera is becoming more and more a destination for mass tourism, but you can still find relaxation and enjoyment there, so this pretty island is also suitable for families. Cabrera is a great destination for day trips from Mallorca.

Ready for the island?

The starting points for one or two week sailing trips are in Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The circumnavigation of Ibiza or a detour of 30 nautical miles to Menorca from the east coast of Mallorca are suitable routes for a one-week vacation, while one can circumnavigate Mallorca with a two-week vacation. The north coast, which is rougher than the south coast, and the Cabo Formentor should be included in your planning. There are numerous beautiful anchoring bays on the east coast of Mallorca.

If you have more time, you can include all five inhabited Balearic Islands in the route planning. You will find enchanting bays and lovely sandy beaches of the finest quality, but also modern marinas with every comfort.

The best travel time for the yacht charter area of ​​the Balearic Islands is the off-season, when there are not so many tourists. The climate in this region also makes winter sailing possible and the winds blow reliably all year round.

Mallorca: pure nature

Mallorca is the main island of the Balearic Islands and is 40% protected. The mountain range of the Sierra de Tramuntana and the beautiful natural parks of S’Albufera, Mondragó and Sa Dragonera as well as the national park of the Cabrera archipelago with the Neptune grass areas that cover the sea floor are just as charming as the anchor bays on the south coast and the fishing villages in the north and south-east . Inviting beaches such as El Arenal, Cala Mesquida, Cala Santanyi, Platja d’es Trenc, Platja Cala Millor or Sa Coma, but also places like Valdemossa, made famous by Frédéric Chopin and George Sand, and the ocher-colored villages await the visitor as well the capital Palma with its impressive, very well preserved historic old town. There you will find the imposing cathedral of Palma, also called La Seu, as well as the castle of Bellver.

Territory properties

The tropical, humid climate on Mallorca is Mediterranean all year round, with hot summers and mild winters. In spring and autumn it is usually between 15 and 25 ° C, while in summer it is more likely between 23 and 30 ° C. The water temperatures are between 13 and 20 ° C in spring and autumn and between 17 and 25 ° C in summer. There can often be no wind in July and August, but the mistral from the north, called Tramontana in the Balearic Islands, or the sirocco from the south can create harsh conditions. On the east coast of Mallorca, winds running in the opposite direction, the so-called “contrasts”, can also cause falling gusts with jet effects near the coast.

The best sailing time is from April to October, but the mild weather also allows for a sailing holiday in the other months.
Summer lasts from November to March, the dry winter from June to September, when light breezes blow and there is hardly any rainfall. Fall winds from the mountains are always possible. Cold fronts can bring stormy winds from the southwest. The temperatures are between 25 and 28 C. The yacht charter area of ​​the Baia de Ilha Grande has its own microclimate, so weather forecasts are uncertain. The best sailing time is April and May.