Chartering a yacht in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a paradise for sailors, with an archipelago between St. Martin in the North to Grenada in the South, offering the best sailing conditions. Here you’ll find everything that makes the Caribbean so exceptional – long, white, powdery beaches, swaying palm trees, incredible starry skies, coral reefs, enticing beach bars and a riot of colour. Pleasant temperatures keep the trade wind that blows constantly from the northeast in check, except of course during the hurricane season.

Sailing in the Caribbean is perfect for a combination of sea and shore adventures. It boasts some of the most stunning dive sites in the world, as well as exhilarating hiking trails through tropical forests and volcanic regions. Then of course there’s the outstanding gourmet cuisine. Our recommended sailing area consists of the Windward Islands, the southern Lesser Antilles, the northern Lesser Antilles and the Leeward Islands.

Tropical island hopping has to be the best way to discover the real Caribbean. Turquoise waters, glorious sunsets and palm fringed beaches ensure nobody leaves unfulfilled. Whether a beginner or more experienced sailor, renting a yacht here will be an unforgettable experience. Guaranteed.