Brazil: A large bay from paradise

Baia de Ilha Grande, the bay of the Big Island, is 60 nautical miles south of Rio de Janeiro. A heavenly yacht charter area that is second to none. Almost countless anchorages, 15 marinas and more than 300 small islets off the coast are available to sailors in this sheltered bay of the Costa Verde (Green Coast). A gentle breeze ensures excellent sailing conditions and more than 100 palm beaches complete the heavenly backdrop.

In earlier times hardened pirates ruled the picturesque Ilha Grande, who operated from there, among other things, slave trade. A shore excursion to the Serra da Bocaina National Park is definitely worth it. Bocaina means “ways up” in Tupi-Guarani and is the name of the mountain range that connects Sao Paolo with Rio de Janeiro. The highest peak is at 2200 m. Among the protected animals of the Serra da Bocaina National Park are tapirs, otters, howler monkeys, Capivara, bird species such as the Macuco and the Inhambus, as well as many species of snakes.


In the footsteps of the pirates of the Big Island

The sailing boat will be taken over at the charter base at Angra Dos Reis (Bay of Kings). In the nearby supermarket you should stock up on enough food and other necessities for the entire trip.

The first stopover is Paraty, which until the middle of the last century could only be reached by ship. Paratyhat is one of the most beautiful inner cities in Brazil and cars are not allowed in it. Three marinas offer the sailor everything he needs.

From there you continue to Praia Vermehla, where you can swim, and to the Saco do Mamanguá fjord, where you can eat fresh fish from the bay and then spend a romantic night on the beach. You will find a protected anchorage in Sitio Forte, in contrast to Lopes Mendes, which is said to be one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. We continue to Mangues Bay and to Dort Abraao on Ilha Grande, where the ferries from the mainland arrive. The Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) is located in the village of Freguesia de Santana and owes its name to the turquoise blue water and the similarity to Port Antonio in Jamaica, where the film “The Blue Lagoon” was filmed in 1980. The Lagoa Azul, which is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, also has a floating party service for the party-goers among the visitors.

Territory properties

The tropical, humid summer lasts from November to March, the dry winter from June to September, when light breezes blow and there is hardly any rainfall. Fall winds from the mountains are always possible. Cold fronts can bring stormy winds from the southwest. The temperatures are between 25 and 28 C. The yacht charter area of the Baia de Ilha Grande has its own microclimate, so weather forecasts are uncertain. The best sailing time is April and May.
It’s a simple area. The fairway and the shallows are well buoyed.
Basic knowledge of terrestrial navigation is sufficient for this Yacht Charter area.
The very good charter base is in the Marina Verolme near Angra dos Reis. The transfer from Rio Airport takes about two to three hours. There are 15 marinas in the Baia da Ilha Grande. Short distances between the bays and islands and many impressive anchorages, most of which are well protected, as well as wonderful beaches and unspoilt nature.

Visa is required.

Several airlines offer daily scheduled flights from the major German airports to Rio de Janeiro – mostly with a stopover (e.g. Alitalia, TAP Portugal, British Airways, Air France, Iberia). From Rio de Janeiro you can reach the Marina Verolme in Angra dos Reis by bus or private transfer. You can easily book this through us.
Those who do not have any knowledge of Portuguese can communicate in English.
The preparation of a fish meal by the fishermen’s wives in one of the many bays or, alternatively, a trip to one of the restaurants there.