Montenegro: The black pearl of the Adriatic

Even in Yugoslav times, Montenegro was a popular holiday destination for millions of Europeans. However, the Yugoslav Wars of Succession practically brought tourism to a standstill. After that it was mainly holidaymakers from Serbia and Russia who enjoyed one of the warmest and sunniest coasts in Europe. In recent years, and especially since the independence from Serbia, there has been an increased investment in tourism and double-digit growth rates have been recorded with visitors from all over Europe. Around 20,000 holidaymakers come from Germany every year to the country where Karl May let the bandit Schut fall into a deep ravine.

Montenegro, the land of the black mountains with partly subtropical vegetation, is an exciting, as yet underdeveloped yacht charter area on the southern Adriatic coast between Croatia and Albania. The Montenegrin coast is lined with beautiful sandy beaches. Parts of the fjord-like Bay of Kotor, surrounded by steep mountain slopes, have been declared a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. The water in the approx. 30km inland winding bay shines in emerald green. Lord Byron had already said 200 years ago: “When our planet came into being, the most beautiful encounter between sea and land must have happened on the Montenegrin coast.”

You should plan on going ashore in Budva, a 2500 year old town with a charming, listed medieval old town, beautiful sandy beaches and an interesting nightlife.

The main Yacht Charter bases in Montenegro are in Tivat, Kotor, Budva and Bar. Dubrovnik in Croatia is about 30 nautical miles away.

Coast of Montenegro

Territory properties

There is a Mediterranean climate on the coast of Montenegro. Summers are dry and hot. The sea breeze Maestrale, the bora blowing from the Balkan Mountains and the bad weather wind sirocco that occurs in the off-season influence this area. The best sailing period is from April to October.

This is an easy sailing area, but especially in summer you should pay attention to the gusts of wind generated by thermals.

The port of Kotor offers all important services such as fresh water and electricity supply, refueling facilities, a workshop as well as restaurants and cafes. The largest port city Bar has a modern marina with all service and supply options. On the 53 nautical miles of the Montenegrin coast, the cities of Perast, Tivat, Percanj, Duke Novi, Budva, Bar are good places to start. Numerous beautiful bays can only be reached by yacht.
The Croatian authorities are carefully checking the declaration regulations and have forbidden some charter yachts to visit Montenegro. However, some Croatian companies and Sunsail have obtained permits. If you have any questions, you can contact the Montenegrin umbrella organization Sailing Association of Montenegro in Kotor.
Podgorica Airport is about 70 km from Kotor and 90 km from Dubrovnik. The distance from the airport in Tivat to Kotor is 11 km. The journey by car from Dubrovnik to Kotor takes about 1 hour.